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Behind the scenes of "You and Me"

Dan Covert’s practice investigates the potential for form to create its own graphic language and symbolic systems. In his solo exhibition, You and Me, Covert explores how distinct and separate parts, ideas and feelings can come together in harmony and opposition.

The works in You and Me span a range of media, unified by their iconic white facade. Covert has created a series of wall-mounted shaped panels that mimic the asymmetrical plaster sculptures arranged throughout the exhibition space on cascading pedestals. The undulation of each piece is in dialogue with the concave and convex curvatures of neighboring forms, the effect of which is heightened as light shifts across the work over the course of the day.

The conceptual framework for this body of work was inspired by how people, feelings, or ideas come together. The work explores how distinct and separate notions can combine to create harmony or opposition. — Dan Covert

Within Covert’s minimal pieces, the individual qualities of surface and silhouette become paramount to express the unique characteristics of each shape and how they might function as a stand-in for personality traits and emotions. An upturned curve reads as playful and energetic whereas a blunt arc suggests groundedness and reserve. The smooth finish of the wall-mounted panels encourages meditation on the connection points between each form, while the roughness of the plaster sculptures present evidence of the imperfection caused by human touch.

Within the gallery, Covert’s works are experienced as distinct, and also as an interconnected whole. Aesthetically and conceptually, these pieces serve as a conduit for exploring the potential of connection.

You and Me is on view May 26 - June 23 at Uprise Art. Schedule your visit here.

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