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Behind the scenes of "Three Room House"

In Jackson Joyce’s exhibition Three Room House, the paintings are created from the perspective of three imaginary artists who are members of the fictitious Ellerbe Artist Colony - a secret group of sentimentalists who live a tender, pastoral existence in the woods of rural Louisiana.

The first artist sees their world through cut-out shapes of figures and objects.

The second artist is the staunch observationalist who magnifies the most minute details, from a blade of grass shading a maple moth’s wings to the delicate gesture of hands falling into place over piano keys.

The artists in the Colony spend their days playing chess, drinking absinthe, and experiencing unbound sentimentality. — Jackson Joyce

The third artist depicts the landscapes with such vibrancy that the trees and meadows upstage the characters within the scene.

The paintings in Three Room House are both by, and of, these imaginary artists, jumping from one perspective to another, like a novel switching narrators. Each painting reflects different nuances of observation, drawing attention to what we notice and how these perspectives impact our view of the world around us.

Discover Jackson’s solo show, Three Room House.

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