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Behind the scenes of "Close to Home"

In Close to Home, a solo exhibition of paintings by Adrian Kay Wong at Uprise Art, the artist sets the stage with intimate paintings of a potently familiar space. These paintings offer glimpses of the outside through an ever-present window, as they unfold, double, and layer upon themselves, in an exacting re-examination of our domestic surroundings and the objects within them.

The ebb and flow of waves, the slow crawl of light from a window, the gentle wave of a curtain -- I’m often drawn to these scenes of singular motion if not for the subtle intimacy of that moment, then maybe for their ability to slow our experience of time. You could say, in a way, our days are an amalgamation of singular motions merged. The paintings serve to encapsulate and, possibly, preserve that brief ephemerality. — Adrian Kay Wong

Wong’s interiors are quiet spaces devoid of human inhabitants yet filled with evidence of their presence: a teacup left by the window in the morning, a wine glass at night, an orange left on the sill. Ushered by the chromatic shifts in light, Wong’s paintings transport us through a narrative and symbolic day, the clock on the wall and the persistent shift of the sun from east to west echoing time’s passing.

Objects are often substantiated by their utility and our interactions with them. However, they independently retain an innate resonance that can influence our experience of day-to-day life. Immediate, like a drink of water to start the day. Soft, like the sun’s distant stroll across the sky. Timid, like the delicate bend of a flower stem’s growth. These notions inform a way of living. — Adrian Kay Wong

These paintings represent the constancy and safety that the home space has represented during a time of external volatility, and meditate on the power of internal reflection as a catalyst to enact outward transformation. Although not by choice but by necessity, we have learned through recent times that true change begins close to home.

Learn more about Adrian’s solo show, Close to Home.

Photos by @ywywmlt.

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