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3 tips for traveling with art

Whether you’re traveling around the world or around the block, make art your companion. Small works from our Carry-on Approved collection can go with you anywhere. Bring an original work of art to a summer home or as a special gift, with these helpful tips.

The Staycation | Lose yourself in summer daydreams with wanderlust drawings and works on paper. Art is a bare essential after all, and it’s easy to transport artwork short distances.

The Weekend Getaway | Be that wedding guest - the one with the best present. This work by Ray Geary is sturdy, smooth, and won’t snag your summer shirts. Remember to pack soft items beneath and to the sides so your art stays in place.

The International Destination | Durable sculptures are ideal travel companions for long distances. Stash your artwork in a spare sunglasses case or a purse before adding it to your luggage. Provided the work isn’t too heavy, you’ll be all set to jet-set.

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