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25 one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts

The tradition of anniversary gifts spans centuries. Every year, couples celebrate their milestones with a gift inspired by a range of materials, from paper to gold. Capturing the nuances between you and your partner is quite the feat, so we curated 25 one-of-a-kind pieces to reflect your one-of-a-kind bond. Like the age-old tradition, these gifts promise to be timeless.


Year 1 | Paper

Colleen Ho, Tributary

Start with a gift that symbolizes a clean slate with work by Colleen Ho. Ho creates subtle landscapes by repeatedly ripping paper with a thumbtack, leaving a delicate topography.


Year 2 | Cotton

Senem Oezdogan, Tuscany 09

Commemorate two years since you tied the knot with a fiber work by Senem Oezdogan.

Michael Milano’s drawings on denim create perfectly balanced monochrome compositions that represent the building blocks of your relationship.


Year 4 | Silk

Rebeca Raney, Red Electric

Celebrate with silk. Rebeca Raney’s paintings on Crêpe De Chine evoke lustrous, immersive environments of characters, patterns, and scenes-within-scenes.

Amelia Briggs’ silkscreens on silk apply a surrealist approach to the graphic style of cartoons, comics, and coloring books.


Year 5 | Wood

Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao, Harp

Commemorate the roots of your union. A wall hanging from Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao shows the bright potential of a fundamental material.

Ferris McGuinty’s work repurposes tiny wooden items of note, such as discarded cabinet knobs and gears to create new, multi-faceted designs.


Year 7 | Copper

Christina Watka, The Lightness of Joy is Long

Copper has the unique ability to produce heat. Keep the flame alive with Christina Watka’s hanging sculptures that move, shimmer and add joy to your space.


Year 8 | Bronze

Xochi Solis, The bronze of your body

Bronze, an even stronger metal than copper, suggests an increased fortitude in your relationship. Toast to strength with Xochi Solis’ ‘bronze of your body’ or Rebeca Raney’s bronze sculpture, ‘Backwards Benny’.


Year 9 | Pottery

Angel Oloshove, She Blushed From the Heat of It

A testament to the transformative power of your love. ‘She blushed from the heat of it’, a hand built sculpture by Angel Oloshove.


Year 10 | Aluminum

Jordan Sullivan, Death Valley Mountain #16 & Death Valley Light #15

Aluminum represents flexibility and durability. Immortalize your love with a Jordan Sullivan photograph printed on aluminum.


Year 11 | Steel

Fitzhugh Karol, Wire Landscape I

A metal that is as strong as your vows. For the 11th year, give the gift that is the strongest metal on earth in the form of a wire sculpture by Fitzhugh Karol.


Year 17 | Furniture

IN.SEK, Excavation Series R / 102

Like a marriage, furniture is built to last over time. IN.SEK’s ‘Excavation Series R / 102’ is at once a sculptural side table and a symbol of strength, while Anna Moller’s ‘Silk Chair’ celebrates the timeless pieces you’ve had for a lifetime.


Year 22 | Water

Anna Beeke, 26 01'24.1"N 78 41'12.4"W (Smoke on the Water)

After 22 years your bond is as well-adapted as water. Dora Kontha’s ‘Untitled #5’ shows the many sides of water. Anna Beeke’s ‘Smoke on the Water’ and Jordan Sullivan’s ‘Horizon 2’ blur the horizon line, indicating that the end destination is the journey itself.


Year 50 | Gold

Andrew Molleur, Pillar and Lisa Hunt, Cross Sections

Everlasting and invaluable, gold reflects the strength and permanence of your relationship. Lisa Hunt’s prints, Alice Tacheny’s multifunctional pieces, or Ben Skinner’s playful painting ‘Workin’ Out, Didn’t’ reinterpret the material in new ways.

To celebrate the contrasts in your relationship, ReCheng Tsang’s ‘Porcelain and Gold’, Andrew Molleur’s ‘Pillar’, and Christina Watka’s ‘Murmuration (Luster Gold)’ incorporate porcelain, showing that fragility and strength can live in harmony.

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