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15 of the year's best spaces

Out with 2020 and in with 2021. We’re reflecting on all of the spaces that became home to Uprise Art over the past year. Below is a roundup of our top 15 interiors - from a bursting-with-color hideaway in Maine to the perfect kid’s room in Tribeca.

1 | Artwork: Caroline Walls, Design: Pieces by an Aesthetic Pursuit, Photo: Claire Esparros

2 | Artwork: Gail Tarantino, Design: Chango & Co., Photo: Sarah Elliott

3 | Artwork: Carla Weeks

4 | Artwork: Misato Suzuki, Design: Melanie Burstin, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

5 | Artwork: Hayley Sheldon

6 | Artwork: Brooke Holm, Design: Hamilton Gray Studio, Photo: Mark Andrew

7 | Artwork: RF Alvarez, Photo: Carol Han

8 | Artwork: Aschely Vaughan Cone, Design: The Brooklyn Home Company

9 | Artwork: Karina Bania, Design: a NABER DESIGN, Photo: Charlotte Lea

10 | Artwork: Millee Tibbs, Design: Chango & Co., Photo: Sarah Elliott

11 | Artwork: Carrie Crawford, Design: Maiden Home

12 | Artwork: Holly Addi, Design: Maiden Home

13 | Artwork: Clay Mahn, Design: Ravi Raj and D&A Companies, Photo: Nick Glimenakis

14 | Artwork: Scott Sueme & Karina Bania, Photo: Genevieve Garruppo

15 | Artwork: Jordan Sullivan, Design: Chango & Co, Photo: Sarah Elliott

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