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A colorful fixer-upper in Minnesota

When first touring her colorful ranch-style home in St. Paul, Minnesota, Kate Arends of Wit & Delight made mental notes on which shades of warm white she would use to tone down the various walls. However, after living in the home and waking up to the rosy glow of sunshine in the peach dining room, she slowly fell in love with the bold use of color. Embracing the pre-existing palette, Kate decided to incorporate new and vintage pieces into her home, including original artworks by Stacey Beach and Kate Roebuck, as her decor continuously evolves. Tour her home below.

Photos courtesy of Wit & Delight

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Artworks by RF Alvarez (right)
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“While making big changes to the house is exciting, what interests me more are the little design moments I make in the home. This entryway nook is the perfect place for mail, keys and a few pieces of art. I’m so interested in the use of ink and paint on top of found materials, like pages from a book. I love the idea of layering on and adding to a story.”

— Kate Arends

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Artwork by Kate Roebuck (top)

“I’ve always had a love for botanicals, in both real life and in art. This painting by Kate Roebuck perfectly compliments and integrates seamlessly into our home library. ”

— Kate Arends

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Artwork by Stacey Beach (left)

“I love all the colors in this house, and finding the perfect pieces to complement the rooms has been a fun design challenge. I chose work from Stacey Beach because I love the interplay of color, pattern, and texture. 'Form 85' has such an interesting use of negative space, I find myself lingering in this room more and more contemplating the textile piece. ”

— Kate Arends

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