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Tze in Brooklyn

Tucked away in Prospect Heights, our founder Tze Chun’s Brooklyn loft features an open floor plan, an oversized sky light, and (naturally) artwork and unique objects from Uprise artists. Designed by Casey DeBois, the apartment blends classic silhouettes with updated and modern materials. Tour Tze’s loft below, and visit Lonny for more photos.

Photos by Genevieve Garruppo

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Painting by Erin Lynn Welsh
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“After tearing down a few walls, the newlyweds called on Homepolish designer Casey DeBois, a frequent collaborator of Uprise Art, to help them tackle the now wide-open interior space. “It was important to designate areas that preserved the welcoming feel Tze and Geoff really wanted,” notes DeBois.”

— Mimi Faucett, Lonny Magazine

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Concrete object by IN.SEK
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Painting by Anthony Cudahy
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Photograph by Adam Ryder

“The vibe? An open and airy pad with a heap of architectural charm, that hosts a covetable collection of museum-quality artwork and found furniture pieces.”

— Mimi Faucett, Lonny Magazine

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Photograph by Adam Ryder
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Photograph by Dolly Faibyshev
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Artwork by Xochi Solis, Kyle Simon, and Chad Kouri (left to right)

“Homepolish has used Uprise Art as an endless resource for affordable but distinctive art pieces, showing our clients that you don’t have to be hoity-toity and rich in order to have original art in your home.”

— Matt Powell, Homepolish

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Artwork by Chad Kouri, Jesse Weiss, and Xochi Solis (left to right)
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Photograph by Ryan James MacFarland
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Collage by Chad Kouri
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Artwork by Chad Kouri, and objects by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao and Lindsey Hampton

“With an open floor plan, high ceilings, and exposed brick walls, the apartment has the unmistakeable air of an industrial gallery space. ”

— Matt Powell, Homepolish

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Sculpture by Rebeca Raney
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Artwork by Eric LoPresti and Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao

“Beyond the obvious necessities of opening up the space and letting the sun back in, Tze wanted to achieve an eclectic vibe. In her words, she was going for “a bit retro, like 1960s Hong Kong and Singapore, the two places where my family is from and where I used to spend summers growing up.””

— Matt Powell, Homepolish

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Objects by IN.SEK and Lindsey Hampton
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Photograph by Ryan James MacFarland

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