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Norwegian minimalism in the West Village

Home to a young couple hailing from Oslo and New York, this West Village apartment is a serene escape. The designers at sheep + stone bring together Scandinavian classics with industrial accents to create a layered, yet minimal, home. In the den, a wall of collages by Leigh Wells speak to the multidimensional space, while one-of-a-kind works by Christina Watka, Rebeca Raney, and Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey in the nursery inspire reflection. See the full tour below.

Design by sheep + stone | Photos by Brooke Holm

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“Art is so personal, but we often get asked by clients to either select their art or help to guide them in finding the right artists or pieces. In this case, the clients had strong ideas of what they liked based on both personal experiences and aesthetic gut reactions which yielded a diverse set of art genres and mediums. ”

— sheep + stone

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Artwork by Rebeca Raney
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Artwork by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey (left) and Christina Watka (right)
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Installation by Christina Watka (right)

“The clients really liked both abstract and literal line drawings, so those were woven into the design of both the nursery (Rebecca Raney) and the Master Bedroom (you can see a vintage drawing by Picasso's wife above the headboard). ”

— sheep + stone

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Artwork by Matthew Shelley (left)
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Artwork by Leigh Wells

“With these clients, a popular medium was collage. We used collages in both the living/dining room and the den (all from Uprise Art)”

— sheep + stone

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Artwork by Matthew Shelley (right)

“Something that was apparent throughout their art selections was simplicity and restraint in palette, and an appreciation and focus on the process.”

— sheep + stone

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