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Margaret in Chelsea

We visited the Chelsea home of Margaret, a Stanford and Harvard grad, and art enthusiast. She walked us through her charming space and gave us a glimpse of her collection, from personal polaroids to her numerous mammalian sculptures.

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Margaret with Anthony Cudahy’s "Lost (3)"
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A "Paper Tiger" by Fay Ku

“I like collecting pieces created by friends or that have been sold to me by friends — e.g., there’s a piece made of glitter and silver paint, a portrait that a college friend made, this Anthony Cudahy piece, Fay Ku’s paper sculpture of a tiger, and elephant drawings by my boyfriend who’s a painter.”

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“My friend brought back the stuffed animal rhino from Uganda, and my favorite animal is the elephant, so I get a lot of those as presents — drawings, jewelry, and bookends. I’m also obsessed with these giraffe candlesticks. ”

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Anthony Cudahy’s "Lost (3)"
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“This bike is my sister’s! Whenever she’s generous enough to lend it to me, I love going up the west side along the Hudson or through Central Park. I’ve been visiting a lot of other cities recently and have really grown to love the bike shares around the country —Minneapolis, Denver, and Boston have excellent ones, in addition of course to our own here in New York.”

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