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Liz in the West Village

We had the pleasure of visiting Liz, an art curator and Uprise collector, and learning about how she cultivates her eye, builds her collection, and lives with art.

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Dolly Faibyshev’s "Yawning Papillion" (right)
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“Art has a profound effect on any space. It is a form of contemplation and inspiration. In my home, my art collection reflects subjects I love, artists I’ve worked with, and daily inspirations to ABC — Always Be Creating. Even at work we have a growing collection of art, and that rotates and transforms the office into a creative space. It fuels our souls to be surrounded by art — it makes us want to design better!”

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“Some [pieces] that are very close to my heart are my Jeremy Fish print of a mermaid that my husband purchased for me when we were first dating; three small sketches from the journal of Richard Karwaski, a Brooklyn-based artist, that were given to me as a going away present by the guys I worked for in San Francisco, which was a fitting send-off gift as I was moving from California to New York City; my AP of Lady Money Sings the Blues that is one of the cherished pieces given to me by good friend and generous artist Ruben Natal-San Miguel; and finally, from my dear mom, who finally understood my love of the Arts and gave me my first Sam Falls photograph, which is currently the centerpiece of my living room.”

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Jesse Weiss’s "Marge Simpson Hair" (far right)
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Detail of Jesse Weiss’s "Marge Simpson Hair"
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Millee Tibbs’s "Virgin Land, Wyoming (Blue Eyes)"

“I’ve been fortunate to have created many friendships with artists I’ve worked with directly or have met at different events. I think when you work with someone on an exhibition or review their work at a portfolio review, you have an opportunity to create a bond. It’s quite a privilege I’ve enjoyed to come across so many talented artists and colleagues [with whom] I can talk shop, collect, and grab a glass of champagne.”

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