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John and Richard in Union Square

John and Richard have a vast and varied collection of original art, so we were thrilled to take a tour of their Union Square apartment. With a sophisticated fondness for found objects and a self-proclaimed addiction to fine art, John and Richard have collected works by Uprise artists Eric Shaw and Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey.

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"Untitled" by Eric Shaw
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"Untitled" by Eric Shaw

“Well, I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember, but my move to NYC over 17 years ago really introduced me to a lot of contemporary art galleries. I started going to lots of art openings, partially to see the work and partially to partake in all the free food and booze. I was working at Pearl Paint at the time, making very little money, and all those free goodies helped me to survive. Along the way, I discovered great shows that I would later revisit during the daytime and really get a chance to appreciate the work.”

— John

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"Washed Out Quilt Tapestry" by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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“For me, the artifacts fill our apartment with specific memories of places we’ve visited together. They have transformed an otherwise soulless modern high-rise apartment into a real home.”

— Richard

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“I have spent a lot of time with RTC (Ryan Travis Christian) and his partner Marcie Oakes. We have a couple of her paintings in our collection as well. When I get to Chicago I always try to visit them. I think I became hooked on black and white after I started collecting Ryan’s work. The things that boy can do with a pencil! I’m also very into patterns and work that is really well rendered. The more obsessively crazy and tight it is, the more I want it. Our collection is really all over the place, but each time we add a new piece, the story becomes a little clearer.”

— John

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