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Industrial minimalism in Chelsea

A former cigarette factory in Chelsea is converted to a family-friendly loft with the help of our friends at RARARA and D&A. Situated steps from the High Line, the home’s signature design elements - exposed large oak beams, ornate metal capitals, and brick walls - evoke the warehouse buildings common to the area. To contrast the minimal features, the family’s collection includes colorful and graphic works by Clay Mahn, John Platt, Dan Covert, Holly Addi, and Michael Moncibaiz. Scroll through for the full tour.

Design by Ravi Raj (RARARA) & Evan Watts (D&A) | Photos by Nick Glimenakis

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Painting by Clay Mahn (right)
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Painting by Clay Mahn
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“The great room presented an unexpected discovery after the team removed the dropped ceilings and unnecessary wall enclosures, revealing the original heavy timber structure – in surprisingly great condition. This move both simplified the layout while also paying homage to the building's historical fabric.”

— Ravi Raj

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Painting by John Platt

“Bleached walnut planks covers the floor in the living area, while the walls and built-in storage are painted bright-white or yellow. Pale wood also forms the base of the white-marble island in the kitchen topped and old corner cabinets are ebonized black. They form a series of dark detail throughout, like the dark wooden dining chairs and artwork.”

— Dezeen

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Painting by Dan Covert
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Painting by Dan Covert
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Works by Caroline Walls

“The owners took care in selecting minimal yet soft and textured furnishings paired with colourful art that highlight the industrial-like quality of the space.”

— Ravi Raj

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Painting by Holly Addi
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Works by Michael Moncibaiz

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