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Hart on the Bowery

A collector of contemporary photography and works by Canadian artists, Hart is also Co-founder at Openfolio, a social network for investing that helps users make confident and intelligent investment decisions. Originally from Canada, Hart has made NYC home for fourteen years and graciously gave us a tour of his unique penthouse apartment on the Bowery.

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“My family has always collected art in some way (beginning with [work from] the Saturday morning art classes my sister and I took from a really young age). ”

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"Sister Yosemite" by Charlie Engman

“Like a lot of people these days, I’m drawn to the contemporary feel of photography, which is why I recently collected a photograph by Charlie Engman from Uprise. I like urban landscapes, but I also think I’m developing a better appreciation for modern portrait painting. The first sculpture I collected was a Paper Tiger by Uprise artist Fay Ku.”

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