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A family-friendly Brooklyn townhouse

An 1899 Brooklyn townhouse blends historic style with modern design. Committed to maintaining the pre-war details of their South Slope home, Ben and Lauren Lindsey of LocalHaus remodeled key elements of their space to make way for their growing family - and plenty of art. The natural wood elements in a painting by Dan Covert and a unique ceramic work by Matthew Ward adds contrast to the kitchen countertop, while Inka Bell’s large-scale silkscreen print in the dining room reflects on the controlled chaos of family meals. High ceilings, natural light, and abundance of curated pieces, this family home epitomizes new-world charm.

Design by LocalHaus | Photos by Christian Torres

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Cindy Hsu Zell, Clay Mahn, Dan Covert, Hyun Jung Ahn, Sayan Ray
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Cindy Hsu Zell
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Cindy Hsu Zell

“Art lovers will swoon over the expertly curated artwork and handcrafted homewares throughout [Lauren and Ben Lindsey's] space.”

— MyDomaine

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Clay Mahn
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Cindy Hsu Zell, Clay Mahn, Dan Covert, Hyun Jung Ahn, Sayan Ray, Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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Dan Covert, Hyun Jung Ahn, Sayan Ray
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Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

“We've made a pact to only acquire pieces that both of us feel strongly about. As a result, our designs tend to straddle the line between masculine and feminine.”

— Ben Lindsey

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Bowl by Matthew Ward
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Bowl by Matthew Ward
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Inka Bell

“We worked with the team at Uprise Art to have this oversize work by artist Inka Bell brought over from Finland to tie the room together.”

— Ben Lindsey

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Inka Bell
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