At Home

Family-friendly on the Upper West Side

Homepolish designer Casey Debois brings timeless design to this family-of-four’s Upper West Side home.

Design by Casey Debois, photos by Claire Esparros

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“Like any family of four, the Franklin’s wanted a home that was practical and attractive with design longevity.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Ky Anderson & a custom piece by Christina Watka
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Artwork by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey

“Matched with our designer Casey, the home consult involved the parents and two children so that everyone could voice their opinion on color palettes and decor preferences.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays
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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays
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“Custom built-in storage units added space without compromising the home’s stylish design and bright wall colors spruce up the bedrooms without adding the bulk of furniture.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Ryan James MacFarland
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Artwork by Ky Anderson, Christina Watka, and Ryan James MacFarland.
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Artwork by Ryan James MacFarland

“The family wanted something timeless and stylish so Casey focused on creating a clean and modern look with playful elements.”

— Homepolish

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Artwork by Jen Wink Hays
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Artwork by Ky Anderson & Christina Watka

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