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Contemporary contrasts in San Francisco

Our friends at SFA Design transformed this spacious San Francisco apartment at The Harrison in the SoMa district into a calming and monochromatic dream. Dynamic, modern lights scattered around the space bring a sharp contrast to the oversized white couches and soft grey wood cabinets. Rounding out the design are multi-shaped tables, which highlight works by Andy Mattern, Millee Tibbs and Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey.

Photos by Visualhouse | Design by Smith-Firestone Associates

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“The design vision for this residence is inspired by the iconic San Francisco skyline.”

— SFA Design

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Artwork by Andy Mattern
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Artwork by Andy Mattern

“The layering of diverse materials creates dramatic contrast.”

— SFA Design

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“SFA was brought in for this project because we were able to reposition these luxury pieces of real estate to appeal to the high end, millennial market. We know how to blend urban cool and luxury living.”

— Kara Smith, President of SFA Design

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Artwork by Millee Tibbs
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Artwork by Millee Tibbs
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Artwork by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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“By pairing clean modern design with luxury finishes and comfortable furnishings, the Harrison Residence effortlessly reflects its urban luxe design aesthetic.”

— SFA Design

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