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Casey in FiDi

We visited Casey DeBois, a Senior Designer at Homepolish, in her modern (yet cozy) apartment in the iconic New York by Gehry building. Spot Uprise artwork in every room, from Ryan James MacFarland’s “Daymoons” casting a subtle celestial air in the living room, to Jen Wink Hays’ “Monkey Fist” knots getting things twisted in the kitchen.

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Zoe Pawlak’s "Grey Drawing 12"
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Jen Wink Hays’ "Partial Visibility"
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Dolly Faibyshev's "Pink Door" and "Mid-Century House #1"

“You can almost feel the dry desert heat radiating from Dolly Faibyshev's photographs of Palm Springs in the office.”

— Tze Chun, Founder at Uprise Art

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Works by various artists including Diana Delgado, Colleen Ho, Jen Wink Hays, and Ryan James MacFarland
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Jen Wink Hays' "Chance Encounter" & Diana Delgado’s "London Series II (Untitled)"

“We incorporated Casey's existing vintage painting and antlers into the gallery wall with artwork by several Uprise artists.”

— Tze Chun, Founder at Uprise Art

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Michael Gaillard’s "Jetties"
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Ryan James MacFarland’s "Daymoons"
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Jen Wink Hays' "Monkey Fist, Early Stages" and "Monkey Fist, Mid-Process"
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Zoe Pawlak’s "Grey Drawing 15"

“Casey has an incredible eye for layering: fabrics, colors, styles, and even artwork.”

— Tze Chun, Founder at Uprise Art

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Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey’s "Connected Tapestry"

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