At Home

Alisa in the West Village

Alisa showed us around her charming West Village apartment for a tour of her collection of art, books, and antiques.

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“I love antiquarian books in the home; they’re so fun to browse and such a great conversation piece. For hard-to-find, inexpensive books, the following places are pure gold: Freebird Books & Goods in Brooklyn, Argosy in Midtown, and Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks in the West Village.”

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“One of my most memorable experiences with art was walking among 650+ participants in the Deitch Art Parade in 2005, for the NYC-based fashion designer, Rebecca Turbow. We were all dressed as “Safe Girls” in her trademark teal and white color combo at the time.”

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“A few artists that inspire me are Erin Lynn Welsh, Ashok Sinha, Adrian Tomine, Jack Potter, Vermeer, David Burliuk, Olivo Barbieri, Dan Flavin, Ariel Alasko, and Adam Turnbull.”

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"Ride" by Erin Lynn Welsh

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