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A modern landmark in Brooklyn Heights

Just a few blocks away from Brooklyn Bridge Park, our friends at Studio DB recently converted this Brooklyn townhouse into an airy, spacious home. From gold finishes to chevron wood floors, the space reads at once modern and classic.

Photos by Carl Wooley, courtesy of Studio DB

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“The interiors are modern with historic touches like a Greek Revival-style black marble mantel on a gas-burning fireplace in a study that's part of the house's master-bedroom suite.”

— Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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“Damian and Britt Zunino [of Studio DB] found 15 Willow St. when they were hunting for a home to buy in Brooklyn for themselves and their four kids to live in.”

— Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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Painting by Amelia Midori Miller
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Painting by Ky Anderson

“Every detail of the remodeling was carefully considered, right down to the choice of flooring. It's sealed walnut with a natural look, purchased from a client of Studio DB's, the Hudson Company, whose lumber mill is in the Hudson Valley town of Pine Plains, N.Y.”

— Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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Painting by Erin Lynn Welsh
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“It took two years to renovate 15 Willow St. and turn it into a 6,000-plus-square-foot home with five bedrooms and a study.”

— Brooklyn Daily Eagle

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Photographs by Anna Moller
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Photographs by Anna Moller
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