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A Homepolish co-founder's industrial space

Designer Becky Shea breathes new life into Homepolish co-founder Will Nathan’s loft in a landmarked SoHo building. By converting the space to an open floor plan, while maintaining elements like exposed timber beams, the 2800-square foot space is at once industrial and inviting. The elevator opens to reveal a glowing Death Valley photograph by Jordan Sullivan, while a steel and wood sculpture by Fitzhugh Karol and painting on raw linen by NG Collective Studio pay homage to the buildings industrial past.

Design by Becky Shea | Photos by Claire Esparros

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Photograph by Jordan Sullivan
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Photograph by Jordan Sullivan

“I love that Jordan [Sullivan] captures these images at dawn/dusk, which brings brighter hues into a very monochromatic emphasis, but in a subtle, natural way.”

— Becky Shea

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Photograph by Jordan Sullivan
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Sculpture by Fitzhugh Karol (left)

“This [Fitzhugh Karol] sculpture is absolutely beautiful. It's so simple in how it only uses two materials. The combination is complimentary to everything we did in the space - from textiles, to baskets, to floors and everything in between.”

— Becky Shea

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Artwork by NG Collective Studio (left) and Jordan Sullivan (right)
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Artwork by NG Collective Studio

“ I choose the [NG Collective Studio] piece over the bed because it pulled all the colors in the room harmoniously. The light gray chambray canvas felt modern and organic to me, it felt effortless in the space. ”

— Becky Shea

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