Paintings by John Platt at Alchemy Properties.

Uprise Art is pleased to present Stories in Color, a solo exhibition of works by John Platt, exhibited at 211 East 43rd Street in collaboration with Alchemy Properties.

Stories in Color stands as a testament to the pivotal role of color in the artist's oeuvre, serving as a conduit for evocative narratives within each artwork. In Platt's prismatic paintings, undulating vertical bands of oil paint are arranged against a backdrop of white canvas. This deliberate contrast accentuates the vibrancy of each hue, immersing the viewer in a deeply emotive experience. Inspired by his personal experiences and keen observations as an artist, Platt's creations serve as vessels for storytelling, drawing inspiration from a diverse array of sources including architecture, fashion, music, photography, and film. Through his abstract compositions, Platt deftly utilizes color as a tool for narrative expression and conceptual exploration, uniting disparate influences into a harmonious visual narrative.



  • John PlattQueens, NY

    Ridgewood, Queens-based artist John Platt (b. 1984) takes inspiration for his works from architecture, fashion, music, photography, and film. His abstract paintings are unified by his exacting use of color as a tool for storytelling and conceptual exploration. John currently splits his time between New York City and Africa, where he founded the art education program How to Draw a Lion.

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Alchemy Properties

211 East 43rd Street

New York, NY


Apr 4, 2024-Jul 12, 2024


Opening PartyApr 11, 2024