• Art Fairs
  • PULSE Art Fair
  • 12/07/17 - 12/11/17

Uprise Art is proud to present new paintings from Brooklyn-based artists Aliza Morell and Senem Oezdogan motivated by light, color, and the juxtaposition of what the eye sees and what the mind knows. Morell’s recent series takes a visual cue from neon signs, creating lucid, colorful works where light appears embedded in the smooth black field of the canvas. Driven by color, these paintings reference the allure and romance of neon as well as a love-affair with painting itself. Similarly hard-won are Oezdogan’s Gradient paintings, which aspire to transform paint into light. Composed of geometric shapes, the work creates optical effects activated by the orientation of the piece, the position of the viewer, and the context of the work. These gradients generate a fluid, sculptural quality that alludes to the passage of light throughout the day as well as visual metaphor for changing states of mind.