Close-up of colorful striped print by Laura Berman.

In this three-person exhibition artists Laura Berman, Carrie Crawford, and Gail Tarantino explore fluidity, form, and language.


  • Carrie CrawfordFairfax, CA

    Carrie Crawford (b. 1969) is a painter and textile artist working with indigo and other natural dyes. Her organic shapes result from a series of dips into various vats of wild-crafted and handmade dye. Inspired in part by raw landscape and felt experience, her work attempts to link land and body through earthen materials. She resides in Fairfax, CA with her family.

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  • Gail TarantinoEmeryville, CA

    Gail Tarantino (b. 1958) is a San Francisco Bay-area painter and photographer. Her works focus on thinking of ways to interpret language and its myriad meanings. Gail's work often begins with drafting short narratives or letters which she then translates into color and form. Though encoding and obfuscating her writing, Gail creates images that question the validity of interpretation.

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  • Laura BermanKansas City, MO

    Laura Berman (b. 1973) is a Kansas City, Missouri-based artist who creates images that layer time, space, form and color together. Inspired by the natural world, her work focuses on play, improvisation, and relational dynamics in her work. Laura Berman is a Professor at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she has taught in the Printmaking Department since 2002. She is a Founding Member of the Art Brand Alliance, author of the ongoing series of artist interviews, Reflections on Color and Printmaking, and together with her husband, she runs Prairieside Cottage and Outpost, a family-friendly artist’s retreat in the Flint Hills region of Matfield Green, Kansas.

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Uprise Art

264 Canal Street, 4W

New York, NY


Jan 15, 2024-Mar 15, 2024


Opening ReceptionJan 18, 2024