Gail Tarantino in residency at MacArthur Place in Sonoma, CA.

Gail Tarantino will spend a week as an artist in residence at MacArthur Place where she will gather inspiration for a new series of works on paper.



  • Gail TarantinoEmeryville, CA

    Gail Tarantino (b. 1958) is a San Francisco Bay-area painter and photographer. Her works focus on thinking of ways to interpret language and its myriad meanings. Gail's work often begins with drafting short narratives or letters which she then translates into color and form. Though encoding and obfuscating her writing, Gail creates images that question the validity of interpretation.

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MacArthur Place

29 E MacArthur Street

Sonoma, CA


Aug 13, 2023-Aug 18, 2023


Workshop: Light DrawingsAug 18, 2023