Exhibition: Colorfields at Gotham West: Gallery

John Platt is a New York City-based abstract painter. The palettes and energy of his large-scale paintings draw from an inexhaustible set of inspirations: art history, fashion, movies and television, historical photographs, design, and the natural world. This series focuses most intensely on interactions of color, painted in vertical stripes that form linear compositions. The subtle shifts in speed, texture, and density of his mark-making give rise to entirely different moods and sensations from piece to piece, suggesting limitless possibilities and outcomes in these works.



  • John PlattQueens, NY

    Ridgewood, Queens-based artist John Platt (b. 1984) takes inspiration for his works from architecture, fashion, music, photography, and film. His abstract paintings are unified by his exacting use of color as a tool for storytelling and conceptual exploration. John currently splits his time between New York City and Africa, where he founded the art education program How to Draw a Lion.

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