In Amber Vittoria’s solo exhibition Collectively Alone, each work contains a stand-alone figure, speaking to the idea of spending time with ourselves, learning about ourselves, and growing to be a better person for those around us. In these larger canvases and smaller works on paper, scale also plays a role; regardless of if the change you create is in small increments or large sweeping growth, its importance is equally powerful.

Vittoria’s multi-colored line forms are a recurring motif in her work. Colorful and graphic, they still maintain an element of calm reflection. She enjoys rendering with a gestural approach - evoking a feeling of a figure looking simultaneously complete and incomplete. This quietly hints at the human condition; our tendency to project a complete exterior, while upon reflection, we are more complicated and fractured.

Amber Vittoria is a New York City artist whose work focuses on femininity and the female form and aims to dismantle stereotypes set upon women. These paintings seek to create a relatable depiction of womanhood, bracing what the artist describes as "natural errors, imperfections, forms, and movement, to parallel the diverse ways in which a woman can live.” Vittoria’s work, which encompasses commercial illustration and fine art, seeks to form an immediate connection and immerse the viewer in an experience in which they can see aspects of themselves reflected.

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Cooler Gallery

22 Waverly Ave

Brooklyn, NY


Dec 3, 2020-Jan 4, 2021