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Aschely Vaughan Cone is a New York-based artist interested in veiling, doubling and objects that are two things at once. In her paintings, Aschely creates geometric monoliths that confront the viewer, shapeshifting between flat abstraction and portal-like entryways. A study in dichotomies, these paintings feature recurring motifs of arches and rays in her ongoing exploration of optical space.



  • Aschely Vaughan ConeNew York, NY

    Aschely Vaughan Cone (b. 1985) is a New York-based artist interested in things that are two things at once. Her most recent body of work takes the conceptual and literal subject of the thread as its primary focus. The images range from playful meditations on the path of a single line, to depictions of quintessential weaving diagrams. A study in dichotomies, Aschely's paintings combine matte with gloss finishes, gestural mark-making with precise linework, and symmetry with imbalance.

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Gotham West at 550 West 45th Street, New York

New York, NY


May 11, 2021-Aug 11, 2021