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Katrine Hidlebrandt-Hussey

For Art on Paper, Uprise Art shares new works from BD Graft and RF Alvarez. Both artists create speculative spaces using graphic figures - spaces that tease out ideals like hope, pride, and safety. Additionally, mixed media artist Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey creates “Shifting Center”, a massive drawing-as-architecture that aims at creating a sanctuary and meditative space where all are welcome to enter, sit, or stand to look inward.



  • RF. AlvarezAustin, TX

    RF. Alvarez (b. 1988) is an Austin, Texas-based artist whose practice explores the heritages of gender expectations and societal norms in relation to the queer body and its community. In paintings, drawings, and objects, RF. invites us to reflect upon intimacy through his deeply personal portrayal of queer lives. His mixed media approach experiments with the tactile nuance of material to convey layered meaning and expression. RF.'s process acts as a physical manifestation of the experience of suppression and memory, resulting in works that evoke a sense of excavation and discovery.

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  • Katrine Hildebrandt-HusseyBoston, MA

    Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey (b. 1982) is a Boston-based visual artist whose work is inspired by sacred geometry and the metaphysical mapping of space and time. Katrine achieves the geometric patterns in her work by burning her paper surface, allowing for chance to influence her ordered forms. Marked with intentionality and meticulous detail, Katrine’s work investigates the correlation between chaos and order, permanence and transience, and the interconnectivity of the universe.

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Booth 604 at Pier 36, 299 South Street, New York


Mar 7, 2019-Mar 10, 2019