• Art Fairs
  • Art on Paper
  • 03/03/16 - 03/06/16

Uprise Art exhibited works by Evan Bellantone, Luckey Remington, and Matthew Shelley. Bellantone's large-scale monoprints feature sumptuous wood-grain, while Remington's clean compositions offer a bright and playful counterpoint; Shelley's collage works explore concepts of landscape in the history of image-making.

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Works by Evan Bellantone
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Works by Luckey Remington
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"Absent, Present I" by Luckey Remington
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Works by Luckey Remington
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Evan Bellantone (left) and Luckey Remington (right)
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Works by Matthew Shelley
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Works by Evan Bellantone
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"Fence 2" by Matthew Shelley
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Works by Matthew Shelley
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Matthew Shelley (left) and Evan Bellantone (right)
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Matthew Shelley (left), Evan Bellantone (middle), and Luckey Remington (right)