Artworks by Jackson Joyce and Xochi Solis at the art fair Art on Paper in 2023.

For Art on Paper, Uprise Art shares new works from Jackson Joyce, Rachel Levit Ruiz, and Xochi Solis.




  • Jackson JoyceBrooklyn, NY

    Jackson Joyce (b. 1994) is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist who seeks to paint a world where things look the way they feel. Pulling inspiration from his life growing up in the south, Jackson’s paintings tell nostalgic and personal stories of past, present and future. Often exaggerating proportions and color to convey off-kilter narratives, Jackson’s paintings occupy an imaginative world all their own.

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  • Rachel Levit RuizMexico City

    Rachel Levit Ruiz (b. 1990) is an artist and illustrator based in Mexico City. Her figurative works examine the body and its relationship to the mind, to others, and to the physical world. Her latest series of pastel drawings on paper are inspired by nitrogen as an essential element in all living matter, from the synthesis of cells and proteins in the body to the fertilization of plants, as well as in powerful forces of nature, such as the explosive plume of a volcano. Rachel's work has been featured in The New York Times and The New Yorker.

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  • Xochi SolisAustin, TX

    Xochi Solis (b. 1981) is an Austin, TX-based mixed media artist. Her works include multilayered, collaged paintings constructed from paint, hand-dyed paper, vinyl, plastics, and images from found books and magazines. Xochi considers the repeated act of layering a meditation on color, texture, and shape, all leading to a greater awareness of the visual intricacies found in her immediate environment, both natural and cultural. Xochi shares her studio time between Texas and Mexico.

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Pier 36

299 South Street, Booth G05

New York, NY


Sep 7, 2023-Sep 10, 2023


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