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  • Art Market
  • 04/27/16 - 05/01/16

Uprise Art presented works from three artists motivated by artifice and landscape: Clay Mahn, Millee Tibbs, and Matthew Shelley. Mahn's digitally informed paintings offer robust, concrete realizations of abstractions from signage and typography. Tibb's photographs of the American west include her folded interventions, questioning the history and totality of the sites depicted. Shelley's work, also folded, uses landscape as a departure point to interrogate a history of images.

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Clay Mahn
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Millee Tibbs
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Millee Tibbs
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Millee Tibbs
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Clay Mahn
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Clay Mahn
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Clay Mahn's "Untitled (Hourglass)"
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Clay Mahn's "Untitled (H)"
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Matthew Shelley
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Matthew Shelley
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Matthew Shelley's "Fence 1"