A close-up of Adrian Kay Wong painting a leaf amongst a brick backdrop at MacArthur Place.

As part of our ongoing artist-in-residence series with MacArthur Place, Adrian Kay Wong makes the Sonoma property his home for a week. While in California, Adrian created a series of tranquil oil paintings on paper. The slow pace of the secluded Sonoma grounds allowed the artist ample time for exploration, reflection, and meditation on the humble details of his surroundings.



  • Adrian Kay WongLos Angeles, CA

    Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991) presents encapsulated moments that display a focused lens on the intimate, familiar, and human connection. Wong explores the interactions between negative space and figure, segmenting his surfaces with shapes that are collectively representational, but independently function as abstract forms. By exacting an extreme flatness that forces ground and figure on more equal planes, Wong also levels the attention between primary subject and contextual elements. The paintings are distinctively personal through the portrayal of narratives that are often sourced from his own adolescence. By investigating these sentimentalities with a deliberate and measured simplicity, Wong attempts to glorify the ordinary and reimagine the everyday. Wong was raised in the east San Francisco Bay area and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. He received his BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013.

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MacArthur Place

29 E MacArthur Street

Sonoma, CA


Nov 5, 2022-Nov 11, 2022