39 Artworks

Naturally sourced. From recycled objects to organically-dyed pigments, explore the ways in which these artists use materials - and inspiration - from the world around us.

File 193177
Shrine to Nothingness (Pale Mint, Mint Green, Luminous Red) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA)
File 193174
Shrine to Nothingness (Pale Peach, Frostini, Fluorescent Chartreuse) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA)
File 190202
Heliotrope by Erik Barthels
File 192991
Ghost Notes by Erik Barthels
File 191916
Indoor/Outdoor by Jessica Sinks
File 191931
Workforce by Jessica Sinks
File 188812
Above a Bed of Amaranth by Carrie Crawford
File 164232
Deep In The Pocket by Carrie Crawford
File 49174
Giza, Egypt by Ashok Sinha
File 189013
When the answer came, it was surprising enough by Ferris McGuinty
File 189007
Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day by Ferris McGuinty
File 189019
I stayed up for nights by Ferris McGuinty
File 193186
Light Totem No 25 by Christina Watka
File 193189
Light Totem No 26 by Christina Watka
File 193192
Light Totem No 28 by Christina Watka
File 199191
Optic Textile 8 by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
File 199187
Optic Textile 4 by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
File 197939
Tumbling through leaves as I scatter the seeds by Xochi Solis
File 186982
A place where no one can find me by Xochi Solis
File 117404
The kaleidoscopic air by Xochi Solis
File 46812
Salt & Sky III by Brooke Holm
File 54111
Salt & Sky V by Brooke Holm
File 37618
Salt & Sky VIII by Brooke Holm
File 193165
Shrine to Nothingness (Pale Peach, Lollipop, Opera) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA)
File 193168
Shrine to Nothingness (Neutral Grey, Pale Pink, Fluorescent Chartreuse) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA)
File 193171
Shrine to Nothingness (Pale Lavender, Spacious Skies, Pink) by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao (CHIAOZZA)
File 168300
Green Blush by Anastasia Greer
File 177696
Cool Butterfly by Anastasia Greer
File 168321
Trout In Reeds by Anastasia Greer
File 82182
Improvization No. 1 by RF. Alvarez
File 82140
The Spring by RF. Alvarez
File 189031
Untitled (1701) by Ferris McGuinty
File 189034
Untitled (1702) by Ferris McGuinty
File 117155
Almost empty plastic bottles of whatever #2 by Maria de la O Garrido
File 110942
Almost empty plastic bottles of whatever #6 by Maria de la O Garrido
File 189160
Deep in the forest by Una Ursprung
File 189154
Matinal by Una Ursprung
File 22060
Weightlifter by Matthew Shelley
File 22027
Some Kind of Antenna by Matthew Shelley

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