Soft Surfaces

38 Artworks

More than a feeling. A collection of fabric and textile-based works.

File 161876
Outline (for G.A.) by Liesl Pfeffer
File 107930
Form 67 by Stacey Beach
File 160966
NET 4 (lilac) by Inka Bell
File 29004
stack of twills by Michael Milano
File 164241
A Thumbprint For Your Consideration by Carrie Crawford
File 167118
Things Above 04 by Hyun Jung Ahn
File 161846
I wish to communicate with you by Liesl Pfeffer
File 69486
Impossible Geometries (White Sands National Park, NM #1) by Millee Tibbs
File 137468
Towels Afloat by Anastasia Greer
File 157286
Tide by Colleen Ho
File 164322
Soft Shift by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
File 167064
Ritual 2 by Paola Rodriguez Arias
File 120848
Form 63 by Stacey Beach
File 124163
Z-6 by Inka Bell
File 114415
Cyclical Proof by Blake Aaseby
File 167061
Pollen Small Square by Hayley Sheldon
File 161867
Do you read me? by Liesl Pfeffer
File 107915
Form 3 by Stacey Beach
File 167181
Nurtured Growth by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
File 162261
Spring by Paola Rodriguez Arias
File 157289
Posture by Colleen Ho
File 74551
Untitled by Ferris McGuinty
File 167112
Things Above 03 by Hyun Jung Ahn
File 114430
Shelter by Blake Aaseby
File 161035
NET 7 (antique white) by Inka Bell
File 167121
The Layers of Clouds_White and Blue by Hyun Jung Ahn
File 137474
Dots On Top by Anastasia Greer
File 69426
Impossible Geometries (Grand Teton, WY) by Millee Tibbs
File 120839
Quarantine Diary Part 3 by Hyun Jung Ahn
File 157280
Refraction by Colleen Ho
File 21827
Construction by Senem Oezdogan
File 69459
Impossible Geometries (Monument Valley, UT) by Millee Tibbs
File 161870
Let me put it another way by Liesl Pfeffer
File 167043
Superbloom in Hyacinth by Hayley Sheldon
File 120845
Form 62 by Stacey Beach
File 167178
Encapsulated Compassion by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
File 124205
1-2-3 Bounce (Made Up Games) by Blake Aaseby
File 74554
Untitled by Ferris McGuinty

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