Small-Scale Statements

37 Artworks

Small pieces, big statements. A collection of works under two feet tall that are perfect for compact spaces.

File 11266
Propellor by Ferris McGuinty
File 7364
Ticks by Ben Skinner
File 108965
Sketchbook (Grid #2) by Ryan James MacFarland
File 1265
Diagram 77 by Alyson Provax
File 129961
Isolation Painting by Lukey Agnes Walden
File 19897
Gatherer by Tyler Scheidt
File 24439
Still Life with Fruit by Teresa Christiansen
File 74691
blue_tracing by Jeremy Haik
File 2319
Moonlight on the Nile by Christian Nguyen
File 127188
Amasumpa vessel by Pilar Wiley
File 127374
Lost & Found Again - Quarantina 6 by Gail Tarantino
File 113920
Critter #1 by Matthew Ward
File 109337
x Carinae by Thomas Hammer
File 14195
Protector 8 by Rebeca Raney
File 16761
Whirl Vase by Dana Bechert
File 9428
Wall to Wall by Caroline Walls
File 72083
The Canyon Fastness of Haurmaea - From the Joint Photographic Survey by Adam Ryder
File 131037
Untitled (I had hoped we would be together now) by Alyson Provax
File 14972
Beau by Dan Covert
File 7306
I Don't Know When to Like and When to Love by Ben Skinner
File 127615
The Dinner Party Tray 4 by IN.SEK
File 33478
Death Valley Light #16 by Jordan Sullivan
File 13524
Groovy Head by Rebeca Raney
File 11278
Untitled by Ferris McGuinty
File 99755
Mano by Rachel Levit Ruiz
File 27022
Asclepius by Langdon Graves
File 161750
Pastel Globo 5G by Pilar Wiley
File 76122
Rain Shower by Misato Suzuki
File 157559
Kitty Cargo by Keisha Prioleau-Martin
File 137492
Rhinestone Rodeo Drive by Anastasia Greer
File 2249
Always by Chloe Fields
File 102272
Ripe Fruit by Angel Oloshove
File 99752
Lucid by Rachel Levit Ruiz
File 8813
Road Rash by Anastasia Greer
File 167061
Pollen Small Square by Hayley Sheldon
File 120578
Untitled, (hep) by William Luz
File 137321
Blow Dry by Giulia Palombino

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