Slip Stitch

40 Artworks

Explore mixed-media works from Uprise Art artists in which fiber, cloth, and rope take center-stage.

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Marion Quilt by Meg Callahan
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Grey Color Study, Arc by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Tilted Plane (Sunrise/Sunset) by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Linden Quilt by Meg Callahan
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Aurora Quilt by Meg Callahan
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Seneca Quilt by Meg Callahan
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Desert Color Study, Arc by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Rope Weaving by Cindy Hsu Zell
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6-Strand Braid by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Infinity Loop by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Perpencircular 002 by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Timber (Grey) #2 by Cindy Hsu Zell
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Upended Threshold by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Mirrored Threshold by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Paired Pyramidal Planes by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Portrait: Big Blue by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Portrait #5 by Rachel Mica Weiss
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Momentum II by Senem Oezdogan
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Momentum I by Senem Oezdogan
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Cube Shaped by Senem Oezdogan
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Umbria 08 by Senem Oezdogan
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Tuscany 09 by Senem Oezdogan
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Piston II by Senem Oezdogan
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Piston I by Senem Oezdogan
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LeveL by Senem Oezdogan
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Seitensprung by Senem Oezdogan
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Construction by Senem Oezdogan
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Double Sleeping Llamas by Rebeca Raney
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Hug by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney small flower detail
Small Flower by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney bathtub guy detail
Bathtub Guy by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney mini gertrude 3 detail
Mini Gertrude #3 by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney mini gertrude 2 detail
Mini Gertrude #2 by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney baby llama 1 detail
Baby Llama 1 by Rebeca Raney
Rebeca raney mamma llama detail
Mamma Llama by Rebeca Raney

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