New Perspectives

36 Artworks

Melbourne by day, New York by night. See the ways in which these photographers bring a new perspective to familiar cities, remote lands, and everywhere in between.

File 60868
Long Way Home 2 by Anna Moller
Millee tibbs mountains valleys yosemite national park 1 detail
Mountains + Valleys (Yosemite National Park #1) by Millee Tibbs
File 114313
Venice by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 51825
Death Valley Mountain #18 by Jordan Sullivan
File 35989
Air/Plains (August 12, 2013 "Interceptor") by Millee Tibbs
File 42915
Mexico City, MX by Sinziana Velicescu
File 114289
Havana by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 49456
Home #1, Montevideo, Uruguay by Ashok Sinha
File 49555
New York to Los Angeles #5 by Ashok Sinha
File 126407
court 7 - hong kong 2012 by Ward Roberts
File 129589
The Beach, Los Angeles by Nick Meyer
File 46962
Dilemma (Salton Sea) by Ryan James MacFarland
File 118280
Sea Lake V by Brooke Holm
File 124892
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by Liesl Pfeffer
File 124007
flotsam 10 by Ward Roberts
File 21495
Yellow Doors with Sputnik by Dolly Faibyshev
File 20415
House From Palm Springs by Dolly Faibyshev
File 12116
Dead Huon Pine adjacent to living population segment #1211- 3609 by Rachel Sussman
File 12131
Jomon Sugi, Japanese Cedar #0704-002 by Rachel Sussman
File 128758
Alexis in a Round Bed, San Luis Obispo by Nick Meyer
File 20420
Hi from Shell Beach by Dolly Faibyshev
File 123530
court 1 - london 2009 by Ward Roberts
File 69045
Cambodia Scape by Anna Moller
File 36121
Air/Plains (August 5, 2013 "Floating Dart") Version #2 by Millee Tibbs
File 27902
Sand Sea IX by Brooke Holm
File 72599
Mineral Matter IV by Brooke Holm
File 49472
Home #2, New York City, USA by Ashok Sinha
File 117451
court 1 - new york 2013 by Ward Roberts
File 135831
Santa Fe, NM by Sinziana Velicescu
File 114265
Anza Borrego by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 49507
New York City, New York by Ashok Sinha
File 125486
billions 3 by Ward Roberts
File 124928
Topsham I, Maine, USA by Liesl Pfeffer
File 80811
Hexaderon / Mont Blanc de Cheilon: Crux by Millee Tibbs
File 56574
San Gabriel, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
File 72608
Mineral Matter VI by Brooke Holm

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