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Where words and imagery meet — in all forms. From the written word to abstracted symbols of language.

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I Don't Know If That's A Good Idea by Ben Skinner
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Landscape Collage 24 by Jordan Sullivan
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Untitled (if that's how you feel that's how you feel) by Alyson Provax
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Kiss Me Flowchart by Ben Skinner
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Hard Working by RF Alvarez
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Llareta 0308-2B33 (Atacama Desert, Chile) by Rachel Sussman
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2-way (Moribund) by Jeremy Haik
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What Will You Do / Do What You Will by Gail Tarantino
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Untitled (Now) by Nina Stolz Bellucci
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El Monte, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
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I Can Take It From Here If You Can Take Me From Here by Ben Skinner
Alyson provax do it again until you cant detail
Do It Until You Can't by Alyson Provax
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Reading Between the Lines - Before by Gail Tarantino
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Nugget 5 by Melissa Arendt
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Ghostbusters II Pink Slime S.I.T.R.P. by Jesse Weiss
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Carvel by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
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Fuzzy by Ben Skinner
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Untitled ("Nothing feels new anymore" 2) by RF Alvarez
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2-up with spectrum by Jeremy Haik
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Armillaria Death Rings # 0906-1129 (2,400 + years old; Malhuer National Forest, Oregon) by Rachel Sussman
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Beau by Dan Covert

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