Layer Up

54 Artworks

Multifaceted and three-dimensional, these works highlight the art of layering up, from hand-sewn paper to recycled fur.

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Arkab Prior by Thomas Hammer
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Gravity/Lightness by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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Grip by Amelia Midori Miller
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Bound by Karina Bania
Charlie engman mom with bark detail
mom with bark by Charlie Engman
Abby goodman lion with pompadour detail
Lion with Pompadour by Abby Goodman
Amelia midori miller hide and seek detail
Hide and Seek by Amelia Midori Miller
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The Entrance Stone by Will Hutnick
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Three Colors I by Luckey Remington
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Exquisite Plant Collage No. 11 by Adam Frezza & Terri Chiao
Will hutnick continent no 3 detail
Continent No. 3 by Will Hutnick
Heather day listen up detail
Listen Up by Heather Day
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Tucking by Laura Berman
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Fractions 01 by Josie Stevenson
Luckey remington angles with color i ii detail
Angles with Color II by Luckey Remington
Jaime derringer 141028 2 detail
141028-2 by Jaime Derringer
Evan venegas day map 91214 detail
Day Map 91214 by Evan Venegas
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A potent shadow and a legend by Xochi Solis
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Discus Pillar by Andrew Molleur
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Cut from the Same Cloth III by Luckey Remington
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Fence 3 by Matthew Shelley
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Drafting Film #45 by Vicki Sher
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Deception (111007) by Leigh Wells
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Big Bowl #5 by Vicki Sher
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LFC #1 by Ky Anderson
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San Gabriel I by Luckey Remington
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Deception (111005) by Leigh Wells
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Outside Places by Heather Day
Elyse graham void 53 detail
Void #53 by Elyse Graham
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Train IV by Luckey Remington
Anne harper winterize fall detail
Winterize Fall by Anne Harper
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Sound on Sound by Erik Barthels
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The way we look to a distant constellation XVI by Xochi Solis
Allison reimus vessel 7 detail
Vessel #7 by Allison Reimus
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Platter by Amelia Midori Miller
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Fractions 02 by Josie Stevenson
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Small Works #34 by Ky Anderson
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Nun by Andrew Molleur
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B2Gr4G4 by Jongjin Park
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Lost in the Woods by Amelia Midori Miller
Teresa christiansen spring break detail
Spring Break by Teresa Christiansen
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Drafting Film #18 by Vicki Sher

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