Layer Up

59 Artworks

Multifaceted and three-dimensional, these works highlight the art of layering up.

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Reach by Jessica Simorte
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1937-1972 AD by Daniel Mullen
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Who's Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue? by John Platt
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Blackamoors V-Carve #2 by Damien Davis
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Clownface by Erik Barthels
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Porcelain and Gold by ReCheng Tsang
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Meditation 038 by Chioma Ebinama
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Posture by Ky Anderson
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Landscape Collage 62 by Jordan Sullivan
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Wire Landscape III by Fitzhugh Karol
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Converging Shadows by Katrine Hildebrandt-Hussey
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The Entrance Stone by Will Hutnick
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Yellow Swing by Santiago Ascui
Heather day listen up detail
Listen Up by Heather Day
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Tucking by Laura Berman
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SIGNAL 10D by Visakh Menon
Evan venegas day map 91214 detail
Day Map 91214 by Evan Venegas
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Fractions 01 by Josie Stevenson
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Small Works #34 by Ky Anderson
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No. 5 by John Platt
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Pineapple Stripes Emerald by Aschely Vaughan Cone
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Wash 1 by Britt Bass Turner
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1742-1694 AD by Daniel Mullen
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Outside Places by Heather Day
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Blue Fall by Santiago Ascui
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L4VB4G4 by Jongjin Park
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Grip by Amelia Midori Miller
Allison reimus vessel 7 detail
Vessel #7 by Allison Reimus
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Palm Springs I by Jaime Derringer
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Palm Springs II by Jaime Derringer
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A potent shadow and a legend by Xochi Solis
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Heat Breeze by Jessica Simorte
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Fuzz Factory by Erik Barthels
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SIGNAL 10A by Visakh Menon
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California by John Platt
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Diamond Stripes Escalator by Aschely Vaughan Cone
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Discus Pillar by Andrew Molleur
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Tunnel and Cave by Ky Anderson
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Meditation 003 by Chioma Ebinama
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Fractions 02 by Josie Stevenson
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B2Gr4G4 by Jongjin Park
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Mountain Water 2 by Britt Bass Turner
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Clear Body by Ky Anderson
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Landscape Collage 58 by Jordan Sullivan
Teresa christiansen spring break detail
Spring Break by Teresa Christiansen
Elyse graham void 50 detail
Void #50 by Elyse Graham
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2037-2098 AD by Daniel Mullen
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Ancient Still Life by Damien Davis

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