Joyful, Revisited

18 Artworks

When we first met with Ingrid Fetell Lee, author of the book Joyful, we were inspired by how the 10 Aesthetics of Joy play such an important role in our lives. Now, as we’re spending more time at home, these ten aesthetics and small changes can bring joy to our everyday routine. Along with Ingrid, we’ve curated these 20 picks for joyful art.

File 117389
With hopes to win your soul by Xochi Solis
File 80613
Gradient #34 by Erin D. Garcia
File 3580
From My Father's Music Notes - Birth of the Blues by Gail Tarantino
File 28811
Wonders Sea 21 by Laura Berman
File 36540
26 01'24.1"N 78 41'12.4"W (Smoke on the Water) by Anna Beeke
File 117122
Sea Lake VIII by Brooke Holm
File 137158
Coaxist-J15TW1 by Evan Venegas
File 20092
Blind Escape 2B by Martina Lang
File 135612
Hair Waves by Kate Roebuck
File 76095
Slopes 3 by Keiko Kamata
File 102272
Ripe Fruit by Angel Oloshove
File 31140
Light Totem No. 7 by Christina Watka
File 79854
Sunshine and Rainbows by Kate Roebuck
File 138425
Reflection Pool Yellow (2x2) by Chad Kouri
File 137393
Affirmation for wealth by Giulia Palombino
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It's the light by Erin Lynn Welsh
File 5304
A Midsummer Night's Dream by RF Alvarez
File 128686
Night Flower by Senem Oezdogan

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