Hand Thrown

94 Artworks

Unique one-of-a-kind ceramic artworks, perfect at every scale. All pieces are available for complimentary same-day delivery Monday through Friday in New York City. Simply include “Same Day Delivery” under special instructions in check out.

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The Light of Ma Mere by Angel Oloshove
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Mammoth Vase by Dana Bechert
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Classic Video Game Vase by Dana Bechert
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Dazzle Fan Vase by Dana Bechert
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White Felix Vase by Matthew Ward
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Hang Ten Jelly Belly by Angel Oloshove
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Same Dream by Angel Oloshove
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When the Sunrise Came at Night by Angel Oloshove
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Coral Felix Jar by Matthew Ward
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L4VB4G4 by Jongjin Park
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B2Gr4G4 by Jongjin Park
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Two Way St. by Virginia Sin
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Double-U by Virginia Sin
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Untitled (Yellow dash market pot) by Pilar Wiley
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M4/W/O4 by Jongjin Park
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Coral Felix Bowl (Small) by Matthew Ward
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Cone 3 by Lindsey Hampton
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Untitled (Mango spotted gourd) by Pilar Wiley
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Coral and Green Polka Dot Vase by Matthew Ward
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Green Felix Jar by Matthew Ward
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G4/1 by Jongjin Park
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Green Polka Dot Bowl by Matthew Ward
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Tall Polka Dot Vase by Matthew Ward
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Green Polka Dot Bud Vase by Matthew Ward
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Soft Fuzz by Angel Oloshove
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W10C1 by Jongjin Park
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Nun by Andrew Molleur
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Pillar by Andrew Molleur
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Discus Pillar by Andrew Molleur
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Lava Lamp Vase by Dana Bechert
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Cabbage Vase by Dana Bechert
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Grey Felix Jar by Matthew Ward
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Untitled (White spotted gourd) by Pilar Wiley
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Milk Jug Vase by Dana Bechert
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Conch Seed Vessel by Dana Bechert
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Spar by Andrew Molleur
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Untitled (White spotted double gourd) by Pilar Wiley
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Tamagotchi Vase by Dana Bechert
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Black Felix Jar by Matthew Ward
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Cone 2 by Lindsey Hampton
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BG4/1 by Jongjin Park
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Untitled (Blue spotted gourd) by Pilar Wiley
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The Mountain of Self Actualization by Angel Oloshove
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Untitled (Yellow dash gourd) by Pilar Wiley
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She Blushed from the Heat of It by Angel Oloshove
Rebeca raney lady with mesh hat detail
Lady with Mesh Hat by Rebeca Raney
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Roundabout by Virginia Sin
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Zig Zag Small Ear Vase by Recreation Center
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90° Swirl by Virginia Sin
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Shark Pictographic Pattern Vase by Dana Bechert
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Sugar Bowl by Dana Bechert
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X Platter by Matthew Ward
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Green Felix Totem Vase by Matthew Ward

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