24 Artworks

From the abstract outline of a nude body to the minutiae of a shadow, these figurative works focus on a familiar sight: the human form.

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Tomorrows Turn by Caroline Walls
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Turn by Jeremy Haik
Anthony cudahy tw detail
TW by Anthony Cudahy
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Blue Mother by RF Alvarez
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Dancers by Piero Passacantando
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Lady Vase by Rebeca Raney
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Wire Study I by Fitzhugh Karol
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In passing by Adrian Kay Wong
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Ex-cursion v.1 by Jeremy Haik
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Daughter of Helios (The Sunbather) by RF Alvarez
Maria de la o garrido untitled 1 mdlog detail
Untitled by Maria de la O Garrido
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Visage (150204) by Leigh Wells
Nick meyer alexis and lydia hugging detail
Alexis and Lydia Hugging by Nick Meyer
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The Gathering (12) by Anthony Cudahy
Dana bell i leave the house lots of times for weeks sometimes detail
I Leave the House Lots of Times, for Weeks Sometimes by Dana Bell
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Bather #13 by Piero Passacantando
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Cara Verde by Rachel Levit Ruiz
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Blackamoors V-Carve #7 by Damien Davis
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Seated Figure by Rebeca Raney
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Red Fall by Santiago Ascui
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VrV_4 by Anthony Cudahy
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Castle 2 by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
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Pacific Northwest Talent Search by Kyle Pellet
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Citizen 22 by Gabrielle Raaff

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