34 Artworks

A visual vacation. Stories of summer told through a collection of timeless works on paper, canvas, and string. Wander from coast to coast through the lens of Ryan James MacFarland, Ward Roberts, Sinziana Velicescu, and more.

Ryan james macfarland ocean detail
Ocean by Ryan James MacFarland
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Solstice D10 by Matt Neuman
Ryan james macfarland suspended detail
Suspended by Ryan James MacFarland
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Comporta Blue Plant One by Kate Roebuck
Ashok sinha rio de janiero brazil detail
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil by Ashok Sinha
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Trident by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
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Van Nuys, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
Eric lopresti lewisia detail
Lewisia by Eric LoPresti
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Stretched by Time by Karina Bania
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Sketchbook (01.01.12) by Ryan James MacFarland
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New York To Los Angeles #15 by Ashok Sinha
Ryan james macfarland sea detail
Sea by Ryan James MacFarland
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Fractions 21 by Josie Stevenson
Nick meyer the beach los angeles detail
The Beach, Los Angeles by Nick Meyer
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We Were Under The Water by Aliza Cohen
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Salt & Sky III by Brooke Holm
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window IV by Kristin Texeira
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Horizon 2 by Jordan Sullivan
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Beach Family by Michael Northrup
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Sketchbook (01.27.13) by Ryan James MacFarland
Nick meyer swimming at conway station conway detail
Swimming at Conway Station, Conway by Nick Meyer
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Untitled #8 by Dora Kontha
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court 9 - hong kong 2010 by Ward Roberts
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by Liesl Pfeffer
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The Dark Side of the Rainbow by Ingrid Daniell
Anna moller untitled 3 am detail
Untitled #3 by Anna Moller
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Indio, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
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Akki by Holly Addi
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Woven Screen (Turquoise Gradient) by Rachel Mica Weiss
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New York To Los Angeles #16 by Ashok Sinha
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25 49'45.9"N 77 54'49.5"W (Welcome Aboard) by Anna Beeke
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sun earth moon 02 by Jeremy Haik
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Posidonia Oceania Sea Grass #0910-0735 (100,000 years old; Balearic Islands, Spain) by Rachel Sussman
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Butts by Dolly Faibyshev

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