30 Artworks

A visual vacation. Stories of summer told through a collection of timeless works on paper, canvas, and string. Wander from coast to coast through the lens of Ryan James MacFarland, Ward Roberts, Sinziana Velicescu, and more.

File 34991
Ocean by Ryan James MacFarland
File 26579
Trident by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 74560
Low Tide by Aliza Cohen
File 49573
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil by Ashok Sinha
File 7606
Sketchbook (01.01.12) by Ryan James MacFarland
File 49534
New York To Los Angeles #15 by Ashok Sinha
File 38729
village by the sea by Kristin Texeira
File 114280
Flock by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 129589
The Beach, Los Angeles by Nick Meyer
File 72698
Mineral Matter V by Brooke Holm
File 65250
Suspended by Ryan James MacFarland
File 158485
Beach Family by Michael Northrup
File 7636
Sketchbook (01.27.13) by Ryan James MacFarland
File 129529
Swimming at Conway Station by Nick Meyer
File 46812
Salt & Sky III by Brooke Holm
File 126431
court 9 - hong kong 2010 by Ward Roberts
File 124892
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia by Liesl Pfeffer
File 114463
Pond by Karina Bania
File 57438
Van Nuys, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
File 125114
Pool 19N by Eddie K
File 118373
Sea Lake III by Brooke Holm
Anna moller untitled 3 am detail
Long Way Home 3 by Anna Moller
File 41160
Indio, CA by Sinziana Velicescu
File 49537
New York To Los Angeles #16 by Ashok Sinha
File 114295
Night Swimming by Jessica Haye & Clark Hsiao
File 68643
25 49'45.9"N 77 54'49.5"W (Welcome Aboard) by Anna Beeke
File 25030
Reflecting Time, Remember Paradise by Ingrid Daniell
File 28052
Winter Walking 2 by Gabrielle Raaff
File 12172
Posidonia Oceania Sea Grass #0910-0735 (100,000 years old; Balearic Islands, Spain) by Rachel Sussman
File 73622 copy
Butts by Dolly Faibyshev

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