Asian and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month

19 Artworks

Uprise Art is proud to feature several of our Asian and Pacific Islander artists this year in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month. The artists featured below share a focus on composition in their artwork, highlighting their mastery and variation of their mediums and materials.

File 127188
Amasumpa vessel by Pilar Wiley
File 21702
Envelop by Jieun Jang
File 24106
M20 by Thomas Hammer
File 157532
Lush Life by Fay Ku
File 120719
Day 14 There is Ocean Between Us by Hyun Jung Ahn
File 157283
Smoke by Colleen Ho
File 120698
Canopy 3 by Keiko Kamata
File 165034
Jen in Mom's Garden by Nefertiti Jenkins
File 130830
Poem #4 by Erin Zhao
File 8690
Green Home by Bo Kim
File 158707
Spring Verde Study II by Britt Bass Turner
File 76122
Rain Shower by Misato Suzuki
File 128494
Our Dance by Paulina Ho
File 80622
Gradient #31 by Erin D. Garcia
File 116495
The Well by Amelia Midori Miller
File 130731
Planting Seeds by Scott Sueme
File 121490
The Boulevard by Lindsey Cuenca Walker
File 1457
Boketto by Adrian Kay Wong
File 158398
Sea Swallow Me by Christian Nguyen

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