• Price Upon Request
  • size 22" × 26"
  • year 2009
  • materials Digital archival pigment print. Other sizes available, inquire below.
  • edition 15
  • framed In white
“Only under the prism of a collective horizon can we evoke the constraints of our existence, and better understand the delicate balance that exists between us and the universe that we all share.” — Ashok Sinha
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About the Artist

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Ashok Sinha is a New York-based photographer whose large scale landscape photographs picture uncommon perspectives. He often delegates the horizon in the bottommost third of the image or removes it entirely while photographing directly over the edge of a icebreaker ship or through the window of a transcontinental flight. While his interest in the beauty of the natural world endows a unique attention to the unnoticed, his commercial career as an architectural photographer informs bodies of work that focus on the built environment. His photographs have been exhibited at The Museum of the City of New York, the International Center of Photography, and The Royal Photographic Society. Sinha is also the founder of Cartwheel Initiative, a nonprofit that works with displaced and refugee youth, which empowers these young people to tell their stories through the use of photography and multimedia.

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From the Journal

From the Journal

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  • In Good Company
  • Bonobos, Los Angeles
  • We helped Bonobos deck out their latest Guideshop in L.A. with artwork by Ashok Sinha and Millee Tibbs.
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  • In Good Company
  • NYC hedge fund
  • At this Midtown hedge fund, Uprise Art curates six-month exhibitions. Each floor has a unique set of artworks that inspire employees to think creatively and clearly.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Ashok on "New York to Los Angeles"
  • Ashok Sinha's recent photographic series "New York to Los Angeles" captures the American landscape in sweeping, aerial perspective.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Ashok on "South of the Convergence"
  • Ashok Sinha shares the story behind his work taken from the deck of an icebreaker between the southernmost tip of South America and Antarctica.
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  • At Home
  • Angela in Chelsea
  • Off a tree-lined street in Chelsea, Uprise collector Angela transformed her home into an airy, polished loft.
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  • Inside the Studio
  • Ashok on "Exacting Proportion"
  • Ashok Sinha shares his series "Exacting Proportion", which explores ideas of environment and community in landscape.
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  • In Good Company
  • Fuigo
  • A home for collaboration and design, Fuigo's Park Avenue space unites works from over 15 artists in their latest Artist Residency.

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