I plan out all of my pieces - but the actual execution of the art is spontaneous, stream of consciousness, and left to chance.

Sayan Ray

About the Artist


Ridgefield, Connecticut-based, Sayan Ray (b. 1973) creates meticulously planned-yet-spontaneous works motivated by line. His pieces feature bold, dynamic lines that move across the picture plane, but strike a balance between shape, form, and space. Sayan advocates a return to simplicity and states that in an over-complicated world, every stroke is placed with a clarity of mind that elevates the simple to the realm of the sophisticated. Citing jazz, literature, and poetry, the titles of Sayan's works make allusion to his process by referencing authors and musicians whose improvisational style parallels his own.

News and Notables
  • Exhibited with Uprise Art at Affordable Art Fair, 2016

  • Group exhibition at Reverol & Co. Gallery, 2013

  • Featured artist at Dumbo Art Festival, 2013