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I often don’t know what a piece is communicating until the end, but consistently I’m pretty obsessed with the importance of play. For so many people, the need for play gets suppressed, overly organized, or distorted in some way. I’m adamant that it’s a part of my life, especially in my work. I make up little challenges as I weave. I pretend it’s all a puzzle I have to assemble. Even the final piece often looks like its own funky game.

Sarah Sullivan Sherrod

About the Artist

Artist Sarah Sullivan Sherrod.

Sarah Sullivan Sherrod (b. 1989) is a textile artist based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sarah combines her background in weaving, painting, and color theory to create work that celebrates the importance of play, as seen in both her process and aesthetic. Bound by the limits of the loom and materials, Sarah welcomes a heavy dose of improvisation in her practice. Each phase of creation is like a game itself, using the conversations between colors and shapes to complete the puzzle of the final work.

News and Notables
  • Solo Exhibition, Current Flow, M.A. Doran Gallery, 2024

  • Exhibited at Myriad Botanical Gardens, 2023

  • Solo exhibition, Planet Tallgrass, Buck Atom's Cosmic Curios, 2020