Regardless of my media, my background as a printmaker means I am inevitably obsessed with the impression and labor of a thing. This working method is speculative for me. The collective familiarity of the public gestures, objects, and spaces that I reference mediate ambiguous forms of emotional awareness within the domestic commons.

Ruben Castillo

About the Artist


Ruben Castillo (b. 1990) is a Troy, New York-based artist whose work reflects on the relationship between intimacy and queerness, and how that manifests within everyday phenomena. Working in printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and installation, Ruben’s practice documents and preserves the ephemeral with imagery that builds an archive of sentimental feeling, quietness, and closeness as a means of acknowledging the past and proposing a future. His works, which depict images of places, rituals, or things shared between lovers, convey a hope to communicate and connect.

News and Notables
  • Spring Awakening: Recent Works 2018-2021, solo exhibition at the Arts Council of Southeast Missouri, 2022

  • Kansas City Artadia Award Finalist, 2022

  • Artist in Residence at Cahoots Residency, 2021