Inspired by the storytelling and cultural presence of Batik, these pieces are created by drawing with a resist and then selectively adding and painting with dye.

Padma Rajendran

About the Artist


Padma Rajendran (b. 1985) is an artist based in Catskill, New York. Primarily working in a textile-based practice, Padma paints dye and resist onto silk in order to craft representational paintings that reflect on immigrant storytelling, womanhood, and the concept of home as a tended space. Padma’s work contains forms that are personal translations of shrines and monuments, these forms evoking a greater symbolic narrative that hold universal resonance.

News and Notables
  • Solo exhibition, Unfamiliar Thresholds, SE Cooper Contemporary, 2022

  • Artist in Residence at Erie Arts & Culture, 2021

  • Interviewed in Off Canvas, A Woman's Thing, 2020